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about me


I am a graduate of the Opole University of Technology, where I earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Over the past 13 years, I have worked as an IT specialist in various companies, gaining valuable experience in information and network technologies. My career began as an IT specialist in a manufacturing company, and later I took on the challenge of working as a mobile telephony technician in the United Kingdom, where I became acquainted with key wireless network protocols.

After returning to Poland in 2015, I joined the Radiotechnical Troops, where I continued to develop my knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of radar technology, industrial networks, and TCP/IP networks as an Operator and Administrator of classified networks.

Currently, I run my own business, offering IT services. My company specializes in creating professional websites, helpdesk services, building LAN, WLAN, and monitoring networks, as well as cybersecurity services. Additionally, I offer 4K aerial footage recording using a drone.

I operate as a sole proprietorship but enlist the help of trusted specialists for larger projects. By combining IT knowledge with a passion for technology, I am able to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

I am motivated, creative, and always strive for excellence in what I do. I invite you to explore my offer and join the ranks of my satisfied clients.


Privately, I am a husband and a father. After many years, I can now dedicate more time to my girls. I am interested in the latest developments in information technology, such as computer and industrial networks, mobile applications, avionics, and radar technology. In my free time, I also enjoy learning about the cultures and religions of people from around the world. Quite often, you can find me with my head in the clouds, flying a drone 🙂